5 Top Free Internet Marketing Courses

5 Top Free Internet Marketing Courses

There are a number of free internet marketing courses, or at least places that are free to start, even if they have an advanced course. For the purposes of this article – the course has to be free to join and take you up to a place where a brand new starter, without a domain name, website or clue, could be reasonably expected to start making some money. This means that one or two so called free internet marketing course had to be excluded as they could leave the student hanging at an incomplete point – unless they paid for the rest of the course.

By complete I mean training a new starter to:

  • Get a domain
  • Get hosting
  • Pick a niche
  • Set up a website, either a pre-built template or WordPress (or similar)
  • Optimise the website
  • At least one basic traffic method free or paid

The word ‘free’ obviously does not include the cost of buying a domain, hosting or other essential ancillaries for starting a website (if that’s the way the free internet marketing course was run).

My 5 choices of free internet marketing courses are:

There were a few others but many did not fulfil all the criteria I set, mostly they assumed a website was already in place or were purely directed at only one aspect of marketing (product creation, email marketing, social media strategies etc.). Without further ado – here goes:

Affilorama http://www.sazaz.com

To start with the whole site looks a bit overwhelming. Everything is there in Affilorama, but there is no structured course as such. There are plenty of video tutorials on individual aspects of marketing, along with a transcript underneath and at the bottom of each page there are ‘suggested other pages’ related to the main heading. With over 100  tutorials there is a lot to get through and there is a ‘completed’ box in each corner so that you can mark when you’ve been somewhere.

There are only 2 paid ‘upsells’ (a third is coming soon)and at $297 & $997 they’re big ones but there’s a lot more support including niche researched templates and the full done for you service. People seem to stay for a long time around this site going by the blog entries and there’s a lot of peer support in the free area.

A lot of information but the lack of a structured course lets it down a bit. The best thing is that there is no time limit to complete everything.

Wealthy Affiliate  WA

This is probably one of the best known of the free internet marketing courses. It gives structured lessons helping you to set up a free WordPress blog within their own domain, in a niche of your own choice and populate it with your own posts. You are encouraged to visit other people’s sites and leave comments, as well as giving peer support in the chat forum. There is a bit of time pressure as, after a given amount of time your free blog will be suspended then deleted unless you pay to stay with the group.

Once you do pay you are told how to improve your blog further and given more traffic tips. The fee is monthly and does increase the amount of support you get. The free part of the course is well structured and all the basics are there, so you could easily take the lessons away and start again on your own, or you could do, as a lot of people have done, pay and stay

Shoemoney Shoemoney

Joel Shoemaker is a well established marketer and this course is well thought out. Going through the course reflects Joel’s interest in marshal arts and as you progress you receive belts of various colours. Another nice touch is that you sometimes get financial rewards (albeit small ones) for completing certain sections and for introducing other people.

In the course (as in many other free courses, whether online or ebook form) Joel makes his own money by having his affiliate links in key places – the domain registrar, hosting, autoresponder etc. and with many of them being ongoing payments, he is assured of a small but regular income – certainly enough to pay some of it back with his rewards system.

This free internet marketing course is laid out in such a way that things have to be done in a certain order and you cannot progress until you have entered particular details in a form at the end of certain pages. Things like the Get Response API which forces you to have Joel’s choice of autoresponder.

So the structure is there although the time pressure isn’t and nor is the peer support. Some support is available from the administrators but it isn’t necessarily quick. Everything is there though even if some of the choices are limited.

Neotuts Neotuts

Otherwise known as the 30 Days to Success Challenge this is one of the simplest laid out of the courses but is well structured although not in a forced way. I actually went through the entire course in less than a day (mostly because I had all the basics in place). Again the site owner – Allen Payne makes some income via affiliate links to the essential services, but you’re not forced down a particular route or penalised if you don’t pick a certain provider.

The layout is sequential but you’re not held back until the previous step is confirmed – ideal if you want to work at a faster pace than the day by day suggestions. The course may be laid out to be done over 30 days but you can take your own time over it. Support again is only via the admin team and there is no peer support facility.

I just discovered that this 30 day course was once a $37 WSO, so to be getting it for free now is definitely a good thing.

There are a number of paid for courses on the site but these are not in your face sales and they’re not forced upon you either. You can subscribe for $15 a month or $150 lifetime. Pretty good value, I’d say.

Udemy – An Entry to Website Marketing udemy

If you’ve never heard of Udemy.com then you really ought to find them and make good use of the site. Registration is free and there are thousands of courses priced from free to ‘a lot’ on all sorts of topics and not just internet marketing based. The course I’m offering here is called ‘An Entry to Website Marketing’ and, as all Udemy course are, is video based with files as handouts and extra information.

This particular course has 26 videos and the pre-start notes say it will take around 4 hours to complete and is delivered by Ron Stefanski who is a professor ‘who teaches internet marketing for a living’. I haven’t taken this course yet but I have taken other Udemy courses before and I know they are well structured although the teaching quality is variable. Much depends on the speaking voice of the tutor and him (or her) having a decent microphone. When I do go through this free internet marketing course then I’ll let you know how good it is by updating this post.

So there you have it – a short bit about 5 top free internet marketing courses. As they’re all free they all have ‘value for money’ and even experienced marketers may learn a thing or two. Why not pick one or two and go through them. You might even pick up a useful idea or two for yourself.

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  • Great collection. I have never heard of Shoemoney and Neotuts before thanks for sharing will be checking those out also.

  • Hey Steven, some great tips and suggestions… One thing though… for anyone tempted to sign up for too many things… too many will lead to overwhelm… pick one and stick with it! Thanks for the post… 🙂

    • I agree with this one Lynne! It can be tempting to sign up for a whole lot of free stuff and then find you don’t have the time to do anything well!

      • Ahemm… Just ask me how I know!! Lol 🙂

      • Hello Ant & Lynne,

        Thank you for having your discussion across the pages here. It helps others to learn too.

        Shiny object syndrome is not only a wallet killer but a time crippler too since you want to absorb all this new learning but then have no time left to do anything with it, then ooh look! Another new shiny object.

        Unsubscribe from people who send you nothing but offers. Stay with those who put some gems into your mail box.


        Steven Lucas

  • This is as great post to take people to the next level of understanding after the QSC – and is a really appropriate post for your audience Steven. I love the fact that you have identified a range of free resources they can use to do so.

    I also like the range of help available free from Copyblogger – in terms of content marketing I have got so much from reading their eBooks – offered free to anyone who signs up to their email list.

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