Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops

Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops

Are you one of those poor guys who are not making any money from Internet Marketing yet? You are the target for these 2 new products. Here you go… Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops.
I’ll bet you’ve been bombarded with emails about one of these products already and you’re about to hear a lot about the other.
Two apparently very similar products with identical aims – to help you make money from a standing start. Which one will help you earn more?
Let’s start with what each of these is about.
Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black OpsCommission Black Ops by Michael Cheney was released first of the two and, as usual with one of Michael’s products, it hits hard, letting you know your pains very quickly – low commissions, poor open rates, bad click throughs and what you should do about them. Each section is contained within military terminology, giving it an air of macho, but it all makes sense when put together.
Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops





If Commission Black Ops is tough talking and slightly ‘jingoistic’ (Michael will jump on me for using that word, but it fits what I’m saying) then Affiliate Cash Map by Lemy Yu is the pacifist view of the world. Everything is laid out for you, step by step and done at a pace that anyone could follow.
Affiliate Cash Map starts at the beginning and doesn’t hit pain points but does lead the absolute beginner to the point where they will be making money.
And there’s the point where things get different. Commission Black Ops assumes you have the basics in place and that you need your butt kicking for the things you’re doing wrong. I admit to having a sore rear-end after going through it all. It was also not just a big seller in its opening week… It was HUGE!
Affiliate Cash Map however doesn’t assume a damn thing about you and is definitely the better product if you are a total newbie. There’s no butt kicking and it’s more like being stroked with scented bootlaces. It’s further down the learning curve but it’s none the worse for it, if that’s what you need.
Depends on how you like to learn and what you NEED to learn.
Following the ideas in Commission Black Ops will certainly put more money in your pocket PROVIDED you have done everything in Affiliate Cash Map to get yourself to the point where you can use the ideas.
So what to recommend to you in the battle of Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops?
If you’re an affiliate marketer already then Commission Black Ops will be your target – even if you missed the opening offers.
If you’re a new marketer then get Affiliate Cash Map, get set up, then comeback and grab Commission Black Ops because it will save you a ton of heartache and get your earning potential off to a great start.

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