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One of the main reasons for writing blogs – almost any blog really,  is to build the brand of ‘You’, the marketer, the campaigner, the provider of services or goods. Generally, people will only buy from places they know, like and trust and even then they will still need emotional triggers. A blog in general is a part of filling the first criteria, your advertising should provide the second.

For you to know me, I have to introduce myself. On the internet you can easily ‘meet’ hundreds of people daily, but if they don’t step up to you and put themselves in your path, they may just be a fleeting glimpse and forgotten again in seconds. Chances are that if you didn’t already know me, you would have come to this blog from a link I placed somewhere else – a social media site, an external article elsewhere or even somebody else’s blog. You almost certainly wouldn’t have come via a search engine as I write for people, not for SEO purposes and the IM market is so competitive that to rank this site onto the first page of Google I’d be doing nothing else but writing articles, setting up banner deals and paying for back links well beyond the reach of my wallet! So to get you here, I’ve stood in your path and said ‘Hi’.

Now I have to build rapport with you. Now unlike a date, where the idea is to listen (pay attention there guys), I have to start doing all the talking and mostly about me. In person this is something I’m not comfortable with, but in writing, I’m actually pretty OK and am quite happy to tell you about me, my successes and failures. I’ll also offer you your chance to interact with me, through the comments section and in fact I will positively encourage it. Fellow bloggers are the nicest people as they appreciate the same problems of communication and other internet marketers are great people too as they can empathise with what you are trying to achieve with your own efforts.

(See what I did there? I told you that I want to listen to you and that I like you. These are elements that will persuade you to like me. I can’t try to force you to like me as that would be counter-productive, but I can do the things that should make me more likeable).

The other thing is trust. To do this I can tell you interesting things without asking for anything in return, like offering advice that could be helpful to you (see some of my marketing tips on this blog). I can respond to your comments in a positive manner or I can even tell you about somebody else who can do the job better or at least differently (product reviews). If I do something for you without apparent thought for reward you will probably start to trust me.

So you’ll start to think – I know this guy just jumped out at me and said hello, but he seems likeable and he’s offering me info I can use. I’ll bookmark this site so I can come and see what he has to say the next time. I’ll leave a comment telling him that I appreciate his efforts and I like what he’s doing… I know his first name is Steven, but what was his last name again?

And there is where so many people fall down in their self-marketing efforts. We know ourselves well enough but we forget that others may not know us so well. We’ll tell people our first name but not our last.

I know there are several thousand Stevens, Steves and other variations out there, just in the marketing world. There’s probably a few ‘Steven Lucas’ out there as well – although happily all of the ones I have found are non-marketers (Please prove me wrong if you can. I’d love to know). But I want to be the one you remember.

Since I started this blog I have begun to always sign myself using my full name, whether in the briefest of posts or the long replies I sometimes give. Branding yourself is the art of making yourself memorable and in the vastness of the IM world there are very few who can get by on just one name. I certainly encourage you to do the same and use the full name you want to be known by.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought here. The Know, Like and Trust message isn’t new, nor even is my final tip, but I firmly believe if you want to be known, you have to make yourself memorable and you have to use every idea available to you to make that happen.

Now tell me what you think. Do you agree or do you think I’ve gone off the deep end this time? I love reading all your comments and I will do my best to reply to each one of you.

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  • Hi Steven,

    I’m with you! I believe that branding yourself is THE most important thing when it comes to online business or anything in general.

    I feel like so many people forget about this important step these days and are just eyeing a paycheck. They don’t want to take the time or the effort, or step out of their comfort zone to actually interact with people.

    Trust is also a huge factor, and I know that I don’t want to deal with people that I don’t trust. It takes time to see who is real and actually has your best interest at heart and genuinely wants to help.

    Keep branding yourself Steven, it will truly pay off!

    All the best,
    Jeff Sollee

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you so much for popping by once more.
      It seems so many people forget this simple fact because it does not appear to add immediately to a ‘bottom line’, but it is always something to pursue, maintain & treasure. The latter factor is definitely something for a future article too!


      Steven Lucas

  • Dawn on

    I do agree with you and think you are well on your way toward creating a following.

    A name is a name, is a name. But you name Steven Lucas, has stuck with me from the first time I read one of your articles.

    See how easy it was to tell you I like you?

    • Hi Dawn,
      Thank you for your rather endearing comment and your related article in your URL too. I do hope people will follow it back and gain even more insight into this minor seeming but majorly important marketing factor.


      Steven Lucas

  • Jen on

    Nice to meet you, thank you stepping into my path and sharing some really tips here. I am a newbie blogger and I really like your tips here on how to make myself more likeable.

    • Hi Jen,

      Thank you for finding me. I do hope you can find more of use and interest to you on here.


      Steven Lucas

  • Scott on

    Hey, Steven great post. I like the importance of personal branding, but in most cases you are branding the brand. Digg and Amazon are branding their name and most people don’t even know who the owners are.

    When broadcasting emails, I tend to test both ways, to run a know, like, and trust campaign, or just run a blast campaign without much of a personal relationship. Both ways work and it depends on the niche and what it is you are promoting.

    Everything in marketing boils down to numbers. The more on your subscriber list, the more opens and more sales. If the like you, then more subscribers that are okay to purchase from you.

    With personal branding, you can get away with a smaller list but you have to spend time a lot of time so they get to know, like and trust you.

    Places like Amazon have earned trust, so the owner doesn’t have to personally interact and send out emails. What works as far as branding is different for every niche. Basically it’s all about social proof.

    In the IM niche, personal branding works best because there are so people many promoting the same products and a lot of it is rehashed from the original creator.

    People with original products that can be proven are the winners. From there the trust and everything else falls in line. You have to know what you are talking about before gaining any authority.

    • Hello Scott,
      You’re right that I’m only talking about personal branding rather than a brand name, but there’s no reason why your name shouldn’t become the brand, after all many of the High Street stores and some goods are based on a real person’s name. Kellogs is the first example that springs to mind. In Internet Marketing it’s more about building a name as a supplier of quality goods, so that when your name is seen then people will associate your reputation with that product. An important reason for researching the quality of other people’s goods when you sell them, as well as keeping up the quality of your own.

      Steven Lucas

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