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Here’s some interesting information

Thanks to another new plugin – this one’s called MyCommentAuthors by Enstine Muki and available from (you have to download from this site, then upload it from your WordPress blog) and it tells me who my top commenters are – I’ve removed myself as I reply to as many as I can, so my stats don’t count and why the numbers at the bottom don’t add up either.

I just saw this and it appealed to my sense of community with a little bit of competition 🙂

The plugin also does another nifty thing in that after a certain number of comments made by an individual, the comments become dofollow as a reward to those who pop by regularly and give me a dose of their wisdom. All comments are read and highly appreciated. I don’t reply to as many as I should, but I do hold you all in high regard and I do visit your sites in return.

I’ll be putting August’s link table up soon. Where will YOU feature?

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Ben Solomon
1 comment


David Manning
1 comment


1 comment


1 comment


1 comment


Paul Jenkins
1 comment

Sergio Felix
1 comment




1 comment


Jeff Sollee
1 comment


donna merrill
1 comment



1 comment

18 comment authors with 26 comments in the month of July 2014

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1 Comment

  • Hey Steven, one more from me here!!!! 😀 I think it’s fun to see the chart n it’s like back to school when we see our score…what??? only 1 from me????

    Are u going to make this chart visible to readers or just for your own analysis?

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