Going With A Big Launch

You might have gathered from the amount of posting I’ve been doing here and elsewhere that I’ve put a fair amount of effort into promoting what looks like (on the surface) to be a very small priced item. Alex Jeffreys’ The Money Trigger – a $5 product with a one time offer ($17) and a recurring 2nd offer ($27), doesn’t look like it will be a huge earner but it all depends on who can capture the leads.

I decided to try an experiment – I hadn’t seen it done anywhere else before so I didn’t know how it would go.

As the system stands, if I send a lead to Alex’s sales page and they buy then he gets a ‘known buyer’ lead and I get $5 (100% commission on this item). If they just leave then no one gets anything. So I decided to send them via this squeeze page BEFORE I sent them on to the sales page. That way I’d get a subscriber to my currently scrawny list and then maybe there’d be a sale afterwards. Win-win for me and Alex you’d think. The squeeze page promises nothing that Alex’s sales page doesn’t deliver and there’s no freebie from it (at least not until email 4 from my autoresponder).

This I think was my big mistake.

Because there was no reason to sign up, out of the 2100 clicks that went there, only 12 did and 10 of them were from Lagos, so I don’t expect they’ll be buyers and one of the other sign ups was me testing that it worked. So not a great result.

I’ve learned a few things though (18 hours after my initial launch):

  1. I didn’t put any analytics code on my squeeze page and relied solely on a bitly.com link. Insufficient data really. I’d sent some safelist ads and analytics would have told me if any visitors came from them.
  2. I should have offered a freebie on the squeeze page. I have several self-written ebooks that would have been good to go with this product.
  3. Squeeze page should have been email only rather than name & email at least for Clicksense captures.
  4. Once I knew what was actually in the product (instead of just info on the JV page) I should have re-written the squeeze page to emphasise the value and benefits. Or at least split tested the two.
  5. Clicksense is a lousy source for paying customers – although maybe I was just unlucky. A free offer might have got signups. It is a cheap source of traffic targetable by region  though and worth trying for that reason. I had some credits left over from another campaign and decided to use them rather than put new funds in. Time of day could have been key there. I got a huge proportion of USA clicks but that was early afternoon their time. WAHM clickers probably.
  6. I spent some time on pre-launch teaser messages on Twitter, LinkedIn, IBOToolbox and ApSense – none of which drew in a damned thing (by elimination of other traffic sources) to this blog’s review, where the pre-launch messages were sending them, or to the squeeze page (post-launch). Articles on the latter two sites do have some interest in them but no click throughs as yet. They will remain there for future potential. At least these were free.
  7. I spent $5 on a Twitter blast through Fiverr. I think that’s where the Lagos signups came from.
  8. I’d forgotten that I’d built up some clicks on AddMeFast.com a social sharing site, so I still have that as a potential traffic source. Wish I’d used it at the time though. It’s actually quite fun as click for click sites go. Twitter re-tweets are the best way and run a separate ‘Website Hits’ tab in your browser at the same time to gain a few more clicks. Clicks can be bought, but I earned mine by clicking.

My actual stats from JVZoo weren’t too bad. 51 clicks on the JVZoo link directly resulting in 6 visitors and 3 sales of The Money Trigger and one upsell to MarketingWithAlex Live, so purely on those stats it looks good for Alex’s funnel, but my side definitely needs more work! Picture below:

JVZoo screenshot

I have one last chance which is a 125 click solo ad from Safe-Swaps which is due to go on Saturday. Probably should have booked that in advance to catch some launch interest.

We live and learn.

Please comment below – especially where you think I could have done things differently or better, bearing in mind I’m still at the low budget end of spending money although time is something I can spend.

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  • Stacy on

    This was not a failure at all! Just a step in the learning process. Smart move to collect email addresses in this way. I do this same thing..great minds think alike 🙂

    A couple of things I thought I should point out:

    You said you got 12 sign ups, but your JV dashboard shows 6 visitors to The Money Trigger product. I’m not really understanding the statistics there. So 12 people signed up to your list but only 6 were counted as visitors on the landing page for The Money Trigger?

    Either way, obviously the product converts well (50% of visitors bought), if you can get traffic to it. The conversion rate for your traffic, (2100 clicks to the squeeze page?) is what stinks. You have to get better quality traffic. I’m not sure if you are just relying on Fiverr blasts and Clixsense type traffic, but I have never really had good results from that type of traffic.

    Once you have decent traffic, you MUST split test your squeeze pages. If you can tweak that squeeze page to get better conversions why wouldn’t you? Right? I wrote a decent tutorial on exactly how to do this with Google Analytics – http://stacyfleetwood.com/ab-split-test-tutorial/

    One more thing I do is offer a bonus on the squeeze page. Split test offering a bonus and not offering a bonus. See what works for you.

    One caveat with split testing: don’t think that because you got certain results with one traffic source that it applies to them all. Really think about where your traffic is coming from. Is it solos, Fiverr blasts, videos, blog..etc. Each of those sources bring in folks that behave differently.

    You already seem to know a few other things you are going to try on your next go around.

    I think this was a great effort. Now you just have to go through the pain of testing and tweaking.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions.


  • Wow. Thanks Stacy. This was EXACTLY the comment I hoped I would attract and thank you so much for your uplifting opening paragraph.
    I agree that cheap traffic was never going to convert well, but having seen some other reports I thought I might get possibly 0.5% – 1 or 2 sales from 2000, but no sign-ups was a bitter pill. As for the visitors anomaly, I suspect it could have been multiple visitors from a single IP address.
    As you say, feel the pain, learn and move on. Many thanks for your time and trouble.
    Steven Lucas

  • Paul on

    Hi Steven,
    Totally agree with Stacy – not a failure in any way. You have taken action and got a result. The action may not have been perfect but if you hadn’t done anything they your profits would be absolutely zero and would stay that way!
    Couple of things I would suggest:
    Make notes of the process you used and what the results were. It might be fresh in your mind now but in a few months’ time you might have a great idea to make the process better but will have forgotten how you did it. Also, writing stuff down helps to lodge it in the mind.
    I would certainly keep going with the intermediate page to capture emails (and the free giveaway) – build that list!
    Apart from that – persevere! Good luck, Paul

  • Dawn on

    Stacy is right. You did not fail…you are testing and learning what works and what doesn’t.

    My thought when I looked at the squeeze page was Alex Jeffrey’s product was not clear. What can it do for me? Could care less about who Rich Scherefren is. It is all about me. Bullet points work great for benefits.

    I think for such a low-end offer that a freebie isn’t warranted. Could be wrong, but doing that may just get you a list of freebie seekers.

    Keep pressing on. You are the only one slapping yourself silly! It’s great that you are taking action.

  • Hi Paul and thank you for your words of advice. There’s some good ideas there that I will take note of.


    Steven Lucas

  • Thank you Dawn,

    My thoughts were that Rich Schefren was possibly better known than Alex and I (like Alex) was using Rich’s name to sell Alex’s product.

    It could be that a free offer wasn’t needed to capture leads but I still think it could have helped. Yes I may have only ended up with freebie seekers, but at the moment my list numbers could do with bolstering. .

    Thank you all for being good enough to visit and comment with such wonderful encouragement. It is uplifting to know that people who could be seen as rivals are so helpful to each other.


    Steven Lucas

  • This is a really interesting post, and thank you for sharing the inside track on this. It’s evident that having a freemium inside the intermediary page is essential; I guess the other point is that you want to try to deliver the freemium and link onto Alex’s page as rapidly as possible. Scripts like Quality Click Control can be super useful as a way to automatically split test traffic, and track conversions from your page onto other offers.

  • Hey Steven, if only 6 visitors (unique IPs) landed on the actual sales page, clicked the buy button and 3 people bought the FE offer, that’s a 50% conversion rate man, that’s HUGE.

    I agree with everything that Stacy said, the problem I see is not so much with the offer, you did a great job pre-warming people but probably the traffic quality wasn’t the best and also, as you may know by now there are a lot of variables that come into play here.

    The squeeze page does not specifies that there isn’t “something” or a freebie to get at the other side but it does tell you there IS a solution so I don’t think that was the problem.

    Again, it was probably the traffic but here’s another cool thing, if you already have a few subscribers on that new list, at least you know some of them ARE responsive now!

    Cheers man and honestly, well done! 😉

    Sergio Felix

    PS. “Some people never make money in their first two years.” That’s right there on The Money Trigger sales page.

  • LeslieZ on

    Steven, excellent case study!

    I’m more in Sergio’s camp that the traffic may not have been high quality enough.

    Before I start adding a freebie and changing squeeze page, I see how that solo ad does.

    Then for future traffic I’d do some split testing with a freebie and without. That should help you decide which works better.

    You made sales…congrats! Keep moving forward.


  • The solo ad was started over 2 weeks ago now and out of 125 clicks booked, I’ve had 63 clicks so far and 20 sign ups from that. I was honest in the swipe and did not state any freebie either, so from that I can conclude that the squeeze itself is OK and possibly my swipe needs more work. No more sales though, which is curious.

    Thank you Sergio & Leslie for your positive comments. It’s not going too badly really, so long as I can push quality traffic to the deal.

  • Sandy on

    Hi Steven, first of all I must applaud you for your honesty n efforts in sharing the nuggets in this blog. I read all your posts here thus far and look forward to read more.

    Feedback for this post, can’t comment much on the strategies as I have yet to do any myself. But what I appreciate n feel encouraged is that at least there were physical sales coming in. They are real $!

    I read through the Alex Jeffreys sales page. What struck me was that $5 for such high quality (if that’s real stuff) was way too low. The funny thing about human psychology is that this low introductory pricing may be playing against it. Either people grab for it or they bevome doubtful. if it’s $47? Reasonable. But abit high for the 1st level selling right bcoz upsells follows.

    What I think of is that giving an honest, truthful n justifiable reason for the low introductory can be included.

    eg. Why i m giving at this price. bcoz i am reaching out to more potential customers like your goodself and this is a good way to entice your buy in bcoz i m giving u real, money making stuff.

    (ps. You get what i mean here and you can write better than I do. LOL)

    Justification for this approach is bcoz people are sick of the same same on the net and this may be something refreshing to see. Not sure if it works, of coz. Just my personal view as a potential buyer on the net:D

    • Hi Sandy,

      I don’t set the prices of Alex’s stuff, he does! I agree it does appear under valued and the price may frighten people for being too cheap. However, he makes an awful lot more money from internet marketing than I do, so we have to assume he knows what he’s doing.

      I think the idea is that it is an impulse, no regrets price. It’s too cheap to chase your money back for if you don’t like it (but why wouldn’t you?) and the back offers are equally low money for big value items ($17 for the first and $27pm for the 2nd). The real aim is to draw you in to his big money, personal coaching program and to get you on his list.

      My aim was to put my own capture page BEFORE I send people to his list so that we both win. I think it worked, it was just my traffic methods that didn’t.

      Thanks for your comments though,


      Steven Lucas

  • Hi Sandy.
    Alex Jeffreys, the publisher of The Money Trigger is also my current mentor, although only at the ‘I take his product’s advice’ stage. It’s not at the one to one stage, yet. And these low price releases are his way to help struggling marketers, get people on his list and get active affiliates as well, so the pricing structure of the whole funnel is in his hands. I bought Money Trigger and it is well worth the $5 and as you say worth far more. Those who know Alex know his reputation for over-delivery and under pricing. The upsells are $17 (once) and $27 (recurring) – all of which goes to the affiliate!

    I could have sent people straight to the sales page and probably done better, but I wondered if I could do some capturing too and for the most part it seems to have worked.

    I’d really like to thank everybody who has taken the time and trouble to respond to the original post. I’ve taken great heart and inspiration from all your positive comments and I’ll be glad to help you where I can too.


    Steven Lucas

  • Interesting experiment!
    You’ve got some good results to work with there, coudl be that you do need a free offer, or as others have said the quality of the traffic.
    Well worth further testing!

  • […] draw conclusions from one campaign but I do feel there’s enough info on this and the previous campaign review page to let me know what to do and not to do next […]

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