How To Make Blog Commenting Work For You

Blogging can be an onerous business.

You gotta think of a topic to write about and be disciplined enough to stick to that one topic. You got to do this, that and the other ‘cos if you don’t the dreaded big ‘G’ (that’s Google, not your God) will disown you like a ton of rectangular, red building objects.


Blog what you like so long as it is helpful, informative and/or entertaining. Someone will always hate what you write but over time you’ll get more who like it. But how do you get people to read it in the first place?


Visit and comment on other people’s blogs.

When you do, you’re allowed to leave your name and a website address along with your comment. Make your comments useful, informative and entertaining – perhaps not quite as long as your own blog posts, but enough to give people the idea about you.

Follow the links of other commenters and if they go to the owners blogs – you’ve got another place to comment.

People blog because other people read. Wise readers comment in the right way.

What is ‘the right way’ to comment?

Well here I’m going to borrow a bit from another of Alex Jeffreys’ students – A lady called Sally Neill ( who has made a habit, a lifestyle and even a living out of blogging about anything and everything in her online life. She offers the following tips and ideas.

  1. Add value – When you comment it should be far more than just. ‘Great Post’ or ‘Thanks For Sharing’. Remember other commenters also see what you’ve written and if you don’t have something valuable to say then no one is going to investigate what else you might want to talk about.
  2. Don’t hijack – Don’t put affiliate links in your comment or as your link. Don’t be like those millions of people on Facebook groups who all shout and then are disappointed when nobody listens. The best you can expect from posting in those sorts of groups is people inviting you to befriend them so that they can sell you their stuff. The most likely outcome of putting affiliate or spammy links in a comment is a life-long ban and possibly a bad reputation.
  3. Don’t insult – By all means criticise a comment or idea but do so in a way that your different opinion is seen as that – a different opinion. Don’t get personal and decry everything that someone has done because you don’t like one small item. And by extension…
  4. Don’t get into flame wars – They are the downfall of many forums, chat rooms and other means of mass, open communication. If someone vehemently disagrees with you, accept it and move on. Stripped of the insulting language they may have a point, but there’s no need for you to prolong the slanging match. Especially on somebody else’s website.
  5. Do be courteous both to the host and the other commenters – They are people too and in the end you want them to visit your site and comment as their visit will add weight to your site. And that is all to the good.

Another tip that Sally points out is try to be the first to comment. It means that your comment will get the most views as most are arranged chronologically, but don’t let not being first prevent you from commenting at all. Something is always better than nothing.

You can be first to comment by signing up to the blog’s RSS link so that you’ll know whenever a new post goes up.

Make use of blog commenting wisely and it will help you to build brand ‘You’ – the most important feature in your marketing arsenal.

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1 Comment

  • Hey Steven,

    I had to check out this post because commenting is one of my most favorite things about blogging and you’ll never guess who I learned that from. Alex and Sally so there ya go.

    Yep, I was in Alex’s course back in 2011 and Sally was the one that did all the training videos so we became pretty good friends before I left that course and then so did she.

    The advice that she gives is spot on and it’s the best way to get out there and be seen. Make comments worth standing out and people will want to come check you out because let’s face it. In the back of their minds they’re thinking you might leave the same types of comments on their blog.

    Anyway, great post and wanted to stop by and check out your blog. Way to go and I wish you the best.

    Have a great week.


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