In Search of the Perfection of Creation

Are you creating your own products?

If you’re into any sort of internet marketing, no matter what your niche, you should certainly consider it, if only to create your own unique give away items.

This is the point where many of you will tell me that you don’t think anything you produce would be good enough, that you don’t know enough, that you wouldn’t know where to start or it wouldn’t be perfect. As excuses go, these are pretty poor ones and they all tell me the same thing… That you are afraid of rejection. It’s a very human thing and nothing to be ashamed of, but I’m here to tell you that you can get over it and make something that your market will love and that will help to build the brand of you (See article).

Let’s deal with some of those objections.

Anything you produce wouldn’t be good enough. Are you setting your personal standards too high? I’m sure you’ve read stuff in the past and thought that you could do better. Here’s your chance to prove it. You just write it and let your peers judge it for themselves.

You don’t know enough. If you’ve been doing any sort of marketing for any length of time, you’ll have already discovered loads of things that people who haven’t done marketing don’t know. You don’t have to know vast amounts more than everyone else, a little more is enough. You have that knowledge and they don’t, but they could if you tell them.

You don’t know where to start. You do though. You started somewhere, didn’t you. Tell your own story. Be a real person to your readers. You’re not writing hard science fiction – where the story is reliant on a lot of provable science fact, you’re presenting a ‘how I did it’ guide for others to copy. Jot down a few ideas in a list. Expand each idea into another list of sub-ideas. Write a paragraph or two for each sub idea. You suddenly have a written document that you can use. Read your document into a recorder – you have an audio product. Go back to your ideas list and put them into a presentation program like PowerPoint – there’s another product. Turn your presentation into a movie and overlay your audio – you now have a video. It really is that simple.

It wouldn’t be perfect. People will forgive an awful lot in the way of writing, spelling and grammar if you can make your message full of value. Don’t agonise over details Don’t suffer ‘paralysis by analysis’.

As soon as you make a start you will feel things coming together. The first time you create your list of ideas and make a start on expanding it, it make take you hours. After you’ve done it 4 or 5 times it will get much easier. If you’re making an audio and you stumble or stutter, leave it in. No one will mind in the end. It’s the content that matters.

So get out there and do it. Keep everything too. There’s always a chance you can use it somewhere else, perhaps in another product bundle. The more you do, the easier it will get. The first step might be hard but producing anything is far more valuable than producing nothing.

What’s your approach to content creation? Are you ever paralysed by indecision about whether your ideas are good enough or don’t you think you have any ideas? Comment below or contact me if you need help and inspiration.

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  • ‘Paralysis by analysis’…many times. Hold on…not good enough yet….all abovementioned sound so familiar Steven. I particularly like the part when u said “producing anything is far more valuable than producing nothing.” Good one. Thanks for the encouraging post!

    • Hello again Sandy,
      Producing anything as opposed to producing nothing is only a good idea if you are sure that you have some valuable information to share, even if you’re only giving it away. You must make sure of your quality of information – it’s only the delivery (spelling, grammar etc), that may be able to be less than perfect to be good enough for public release.


      Steven Lucas

  • Dawn on

    There are lots of ways to create your own products; especially info products. And, most can be done in a couple of days.

    There is a WP plugin that will make your posts into an “instant” ebook.

    Like certain YouTube videos that have CC? Grab the closed captions, edit and you have at least a start or complete product.

    If you are more into software, how about a cool new plugin? Look around forums and social sites and find out what people are “wishing” they had. Developing software does not have to be expensive and you may be suprised to discover you can afford it.

    One tool I’ve found really useful for making more professional style ebooks is Speedy Profit Creator. But, if you don’t want to spend the money for a program like that, just get a wee bit smarter about Word, and you can still make an author page, table of contents, headers, footers, etc.

    Your audio can be done using Quick Time, right on your computer.

    Steven is right. It is not hard to make a product and a simple funnel to go with it.

    Now is honesty time. I have made several of these kind of products (not IM niche). They are sitting in Dropbox or external hard drive. Somehow, I just never have offered them anywhere. But I do finally have an idea.

    As a JvZoo affiliate, you can add bonus products to about any product you promote. Adding my own as a bonus, may be the answer and a good way to get my name “out there.”

    Now, I just have to find a great solo ad dealer.

    • Welcome back Dawn,

      Lovely to see you again, especially with your helpful hints towards some useful products.

      Thank you also for your confession about the products sitting on your drive. Will now be the time to dust some off, bundle them together and make up a super-product?

      Let us know on how you get on with Solo Ads. I know many of us want to take a step with them but are afraid of the potential cost.


      Steven Lucas

  • Hello Steven Lucas, it’s nice to be on your blog and that too for the first time.

    So I had to quickly take a glance on who Steve is and I just found out that you’re such a techy personality.

    and trust me I just fell in love with your motto that says: ‘willing to teach, willing to learn’. Just something that I love and that has helped me to stood the test of time despite the fact that have got no parents nor relatives to call my own. That’s what my willingness to learn has gotten me into, I mean into achieving some really good success, even though I’m not yet near to what I define as success in my own term.

    So speaking of this wonderful masterpiece; “In Search of the Perfection of Creation”. I think you’ve just in few words and simplicity passed across a really fantastic and potent message and i so resonated with it.

    Here’s one thing I have come to noticed to myself, it’s the fact that people fear rejection, I do too and it’s one thing that stopped from writing my first manuscript some number of years back before I actually broke the jinx and started the writings some 3yrs ago. The book hasn’t been published though owing to some limitations which am sure will be dealt with soon.

    The four points you mentioned are of course the in-thing that has limited a lot of folks from creating their own real products.

    The truth is I zoom that quote of that wise man that read something like, “The best time to achieve greatness was 20yrs ago and the next best time is now”. Anything what doing at all is what doing now! 🙂

    I don’t want to talk more on your points since you’ve well stated them and I’d have loved to add up to it but I think I should stop here and just respond to your comment on Phillips Dews interview. BTW, thanks for that awesome comment matey! It’s much appreciated. 🙂


    • Hi Sam,
      Hey, when you reply, you don’t mess about!
      Yeah I’m a tech at heart and have been all of my life since almost electrocuting myself when messing about with an old record turntable whilst it was still plugged in. Now I mess around with $12 million flight simulators whilst they’re still plugged in, I just don’t get so many shocks these days.

      Thank you for your kind words and I hope to see you as a regular visitor and commenter. I’ll certainly be popping by your place again soon. So many good things to read (kid in a candy store).


      Steven Lucas

  • Great lessons here!
    My problem is having *too* many ideas, which can lead to as much lack of focus as no ideas! I give myself a few good slaps to get on track though!

    I do like audio as it allows a more personal approach – video is good but can require some set up – my preference is still good old text! So easy to open up a new doc, get something written then convert into pdf, and there’s the product!
    cheers, Gordon

    • Hi Gordon,
      Yeah I’m with you on that. There are so many different approaches that can all end up with the the three products that are easiest to create – ebook, audio and video (we’ll leave software out for the moment). Written word first, audio first or video first, doesn’t really matter. So long as you are DOING and RELEASING. Thank you so much for popping by.

      Steven Lucas

  • Hi Steven,

    I agree with you completely. Every time I try to some up with a new product idea these questions will prop up and I waver and finally never actually got to getting started.
    It all boils down to one thing, lack of self confidence. Lack of self confidence is the fuel that fires all the self doubts and objections to creating my own product.

    Great post.

    • Hello Boon,
      You’re right that a lack of confidence might stop you releasing a product, but once you take that last little step and go for it, then that hesitation instantly falls by the wayside. The next time is a bit easier. And it gets easier again each time.

      Good luck.


      Steven Lucas

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