Practice Should Make Perfect – Eventually

Practice Should Make Perfect – Eventually

Well I know one thing… It’s been ages since I posted here so I should at least explain what I’ve been up to.

In some ways, not a lot although in other ways, quite a lot. I’ve been appearing more on social websites, mostly Facebook and Twitter, offering assistance and pearls of wisdom to those who want to see it. This has got me a lot more friends and followers on both and so is increasing my brand and web presence, to the point now where I’m being asked to join product creation groups and accountability partnerships. The former – well I’ve tried a couple and although the initial interest was there from the others, things and stuff got in their way and it all came to naught. The latter needs a bit more success to demonstrate on my part to make sure of what I’m telling someone really is worth telling.

My income has been climbing. It’s slow but I can see an improvement and it seems to coincide with financial or hard work on my part – so finding the right things to do is getting results, then it’s just a matter of doing more of the same.

One thing I have found that is fun and easy (mostly) is via a system called Affiliate Tube Jacker. It explains a very simple way of ranking a video on Google via YouTube in a matter of a few minutes, then, assuming it ranks high enough, actually creating the video via another simple method.

One thing I have learned from this is that I need to work on my presentation skills. I am full of ‘erm, err’, mis-pronunciations and stuttering over my words. However, I know this will improve with practice, something that I can do offline as well as online.

Here’s an example of my early work. Things (as they say), can only get better…

In case you’re interested – $2k Pay Days is well worth investigating and better without my commentary! At the time of writing though, the video was in top place on Google for 2k Pay Days and 2k Pay Days Review as seen here:

I got the video to that position in only 13 minutes too! As you can see though, there is no competition for the keyword and finding that sort of product is part of the secret. For the rest, you’ll have to look at Affiliate Tube Jacker for yourself. I can’t give it all away (grin).

So although my earnings won’t set the world alight just yet, I can confidently say that taking action does bring results, which brings me round to the question…

Are YOU taking action too? If you are, tell me in the comments box below, what you’re doing and how it’s doing for you.

If you’re not taking action, why not? Are you stuck on something? Don’t be afraid to ask for help as getting over that little hurdle may well lead you on to bigger and better things.

As always, please feel free to share this article socially by using the buttons below and if you want to stay in regular contact with me, join my list at  You get a free ebook of Online Passive Income Ideas to help you get started and there’s always more advice and free give-aways sent out with my emails, which, by the way, are not all sales and hype.

Let’s hope it’s not too long before my next update on here as I’m sure there’ll be more to tell you about soon.And perhaps better voice overs too!

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