Quick Start Challenge Week 3 – To Optin or not to optin

Quick Start Challenge Week 3 – To Optin or not to optin?

Is that really the question?

The Quick Start Challenge this week was to add an optin form to our sites and having gone round 30 or so of the sites this evening I have to say that many seem to have managed it very well.

If you’ve done it before (as I had) then in reality it’s not much of a challenge, but my problem was a little different. A couple of months ago I got kicked off of Get Response because of one bad solo ad. I made the wrong choice as far as providers go and over 80% of the signups took the the freebie and then unsubscribed again. GetResponse took this to be my fault, sending them a load of junk signups (as it was really, I suppose) and told me to pick my window to leave by. Pleading did not get me anywhere although asking nicely did get me 3 zips files containing my last list of subscribers, my autoresponders and my newsletters. Rule number one – be cordial even in the face of adversity and speak nicely.

I tried a couple of other autoresponders but neither had the feel or all of the facilities that GetResponse had, so I had to make a decision – Go to Aweber and start again there or sneak back to GetResponse using a new email address and hope they didn’t notice that their forms were going up on the same IP addresses as before. I chose to stick with the familiar and go back to GetResponse. After all, I wasn’t banned, just had one account closed. I’m sure I’m not the first to do that and neither will I be the last. It was the JVZoo integration that really pulled me back. It makes life so much easier when you can automatically grab a buyer’s email address.

So there’s a new optin form, along with a new giveaway – chosen especially to attract the people who are most likely to be visiting at the moment – my fellow Quick Start Challenge participants. Now my next task will be to go to my other optin forms and redo all of those with the new autoresponder. Here’s a neat article about using an autoresponder to attract and keep customers.

Now hearing about week 4 of the Quick Start Challenge is only 24 hours away as I write this blog. Dean Holland and his co-conspirators will be telling us what they expect of us for our final week along with a ton more encouragement, especially for those who have found this awkward, difficult or tricky from day one. Mind you, you really have to see how far they’ve come – especially those who had never set up a WordPress blog before and even more for those who’s first language is not English. From over 300 starters, more than half are still participating in the challenges and many of those are keeping up with blog commenting and forum posting, as suggested for the Quick Start Challenge week 2, although producing a selfie video was the main part.

Onwards and upwards to Quick Start Challenge week 4.

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  • Hey Steven, Great article… and an interesting experience to share… Gives people a bit of a heads up especially when buying things like solo ads… Not long after I started online I signed up with Aweber, so I am most familiar with them… I really find them the best (for me personally). I have tried GetResponse a few times and they would be my second choice… Probably depends a lot on what you get used to 🙂 I also know that for a long time Aweber has had some of the best deliverability stats which is obviously very important too, and more recently they have made it possible to import subscribers, which they didn’t used to do (handy if you are moving your lists)… Your opt in form looks great too, by the way 🙂

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