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Just over a week ago I promised a free download of a slideshow I’ve been working on – Everything About Internet Marketing. It’s available now on Amazon (for free for a few days) and once the Amazon offer is over then I’ll be sending it out to the people on my list, so if you’re not on it yet, please feel free to add yourself by putting your details in the form normally at the top of the page, although I’ll add one at the bottom of this post just to make sure one is available.

Apart from that nothing much is happening. I haven’t been marketing hard and just relying on the RSS feed to the autoresponder to supply my list with information. Just goes to show that if you stop marketing then things stop happening. Even if you have the biggest list in the world, if you stop talking to them then you stop earning, unless you get most of your traffic from SEO that you can send directly to your offers. In the OMM niche (online money making) this is seldom possible.

To keep up passive traffic from other methods like articles is not really that passive unless you have several hundred articles all pointing back to the same point. The problem there is that many article sites want the link in your resource box to go to useful information, not an affiliate sales page or squeeze page, so it really has to go to a pre-sales / review page at best. It’s either that or find article sites that are not so fussy.

Link pyramid, Egypt 174
Not this sort of pyramid


One way to improve the SEO effect that articles can have on your site is to get loads of cheap backlinks pointing to the articles (NOT to your site). Fiverr will be a good source for these and it doesn’t matter about the quality of these links. You can do the same if you have videos on YouTube that have links to your site. You have the quality links back to your site from article and video sites then you have a high number of backlinks to the articles / videos.

If you have access to the very high volume backlink tools you can then add another tier of backlinks to these backlinks and it really doesn’t matter at all about the quality of these links, just that they are there. This linking to links is known as a link pyramid.

If you are concerned with on page SEO (if you have articles & sites in other niches apart from OMM) then remember that outbound links can add to the quality score of your pages. Link to authority sites like wikis for definitions or further advice, or other blog or review sites that already have some good standing with the search engines.

Anyway. As promised, below here is a signup form so you can get a free copy of my latest presentation. You also get access to a ton of other stuff that will come in useful for your own marketing efforts. Make good use of it as I don’t know how much longer it will stay available.:

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As always, your comments are welcome below – unless they’re pure spam. Sorry but I’m not providing backlinks to offers for drugs, gambling or assorted counterfeit goods.


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