Social Post Box Review of a Facebook Management Tool

Social Post Box review of Facebook management tool

Social Post Box review

Here’s another great tool I’ve found for getting your message out there. It’s called Social Post Box and is a Windows desktop tool for Facebook wall and group posting, commenting as well as a few other things. It also comes with some high quality training videos based online that really explain everything quite well, so rather than tell you all about it myself, I’ll let you see the introduction video that gives the overall feel to the product.

Now the ability to post to multiple groups at once – very quickly and easily, I might add, is worth the cost of Social Post Box but since you can also monitor your comments, Like comments, post graphics and videos with consummate ease this makes it even better. (Sorry if I sound a bit gushy and enthusiastic about this, but it is that good!). You can also the Post Scheduler to spread your posts out – great if you want to go away from your computer, but still want to keep in touch with your readers.

Now there is a ‘Pro’ version that does include even more features, one of which is a very easy to use graphics creator. Here’s the tutorial video for it:

Now if that isn’t the easiest graphics creation you’ve seen, then I don’t know what you’re using, but you should tell everyone about it.

So by now you’ll be wanting to know how to get hold of Social Post Box and you can get it if you Click Here.

One more bit of exciting news is that you can even get a Resale Rights version of Social Post Box. Your customers will get access to the same software and training videos but you can do a little re-branding and basically make it more your own. To get the resale rights version Click Here.

Whichever version you buy, make sure you keep hold of the receipt that you get emailed to you as you will need it the first time you run the program. Your purchase is verified using this number. It’s a one time only thing and is never intrusive. You will of course, also need a Facebook account.

I have also tested the support site which is first class. Despite being only an hour or so into the launch, I had a quick and satisfactory response to my query. That is really good to see.

Happy posting.

P.S. I forgot to mention… There are two great bonus items included in the price, no matter which version you buy. The first is Spinner Pro which as the name suggests is article spinning software (Again, Windows only). I haven’t tried it yet, but it did sell for a good amount in its own right. The second item is Facebook Ads Ignition – which is a video series of Facebook marketing training – a well thought addition to Social Post Box. These 2 items are probably worth the cost of the Social Post Box software and they are yours a free extras when you buy Social Post Box.

P.P.S. The payment is ONE OFF. This is not a monthly subscription service. What are you waiting for? Go get Social Post Box NOW!

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