Sweltering Days and Rainy Nights in August

Well after the excitement of The Money Trigger campaign – from which I got around 50 sign ups (Thanks mostly to a solo ad sent to 150 through Udimi.com) I ended up with 4 sales of The Money Trigger, 1 Sale of Marketing With Alex Live and a random sale of Andrew Waring’s DoneFor You  I ended up with a grand total of $31.90. Not a fortune, not a profit (after paying for the solo ad) but enough to show that it can be done. I’m aware that for the same effort I could have promoted something that gave better returns, but I believe in Alex’s products and I also wanted to see what could be done ‘on the cheap’ and what the returns would be. I know I shouldn’t draw conclusions from one campaign but I do feel there’s enough info on this and the previous campaign review page to let me know what to do and not to do next time.

So what am I going to do this month?

I have one product of my own ready to go and one almost ready except for a few tweaks – both are aimed more at the premium end of the novice marketer’s market (target price is $97 each for 4 hours of audio and some pdf ebooks) and each has a front end squeeze page and associated giveaway. Both have been created in association with Sean Mize, an American product creation expert, who gives a lot of advice similar to Alex’s. As you might expect though, some of it is diametrically different but it all makes sense in my head.

The one ready to go is the Content Creation Course, the title of which explains it all. This is a 30 day plan to enable the customer to create enough content to start a good online business and promote it to the world. It works on a 4 hour day, so 20 hours a week and how to use those hours productively, whether creating content or promoting the pages that sell it. Sean Mize is very big on audio and he explains a great deal without getting bogged down in filler material or random information.

My promotion plans for this are some articles in the usual places – including Ezine Articles and Article Base as well as my usual haunts of IBOToolbox and ApSense. A Squidoo lens and HubPages entry won’t be out of the question either. I may push a solo ad at this one too from one of the more premium solo ad sellers (not the 35c a click guys).

The other audio course – (To be named) will be put on JVZoo for affiliates to pick up. To be done before the release though are a PDF file of notes that I’ve taken whilst listening to the course, with my own expansion on some of the ideas, and the JV partner requirements of graphics, email swipes and template articles. I’ve not decided on the JV share but it will be at least 50%. It will have its own sales page and I may repackage it slightly cheaper as a WSO too later on. When it’s ready I will request reviews and testimonials – target date for completion is 15th August (mostly waiting for the graphics). Look out for my request on here and on a few of my Facebook haunts. Anyone who sends a review will also get a copy of ‘How To Be A Social Marketer’, my previous WSO.

I’m still doing some free instruction with a couple of people at the moment as well (and a full time job) hence the longer timelines to completion. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on the progress of the 2nd project.

So those are plans. Please feel free to comment below. I’m especially interested if you feel you want to comment on my ambitions and pricing points.

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  • Hi Steven, for someone who is doing this biz part time, your efforts n results certainly impressed me. Keep up with the great work. Look forward to hear your success n breakthroughs!

    • Hello Sandy and thank you for your kind words.

      Part time effort generally means part time results, so it will possibly take me longer to get rolling than someone who can put the hours in.

      It also means I can revel in my successes with more pride.


      Steven Lucas

  • Dawn on

    Dang! I wish I had known about your free instruction. Sometimes I just need someone to keep me pointed in the right direction.

    Your upcoming products sound enticing and with your full plate, I am impressed.

    I’m a member of Udimi too, but have not bought any solos yet (it is like, I kind of get it, but not really).

    I had to re-read the fact that your product will be in audio format rather than video. Actually, that makes it great for people on the go.

    One thing that you do that I really need to start doing, is to set a deadline for projects to keep more focused. Stating what you are going to do on your blog makes you accountable for following through. I like that.

    • Hi Dawn and thanks for stopping by.
      I get what you mean about solo ads – they’re a bit like the old Arabian Nights tales – full of promise and mystery!

      One of the pieces of advice I got when starting my IM journey blog was to make a place of accountability – as a personal reminder as well as a public one.

      Good luck with your future products,


      Steven Lucas

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