The Quick Start Challenge 3.0 – 2015 and all that

The Quick Start Challenge 3

So what’s all this about then? This is my post regarding The Quick Start Challenge 3, so perhaps I’d better explain what it is and what it’s all about.

Quick Start Challenge 3

The Quick Start Challenge is Dean Holland’s annual newbie starter system and this is the third year he’s run it, this year with the help of Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips. Their aim is to get people to start a blog either around their own name in the Internet Marketing niche or an interest in another niche, then by getting The Quick Start Challenge particpants to support each other blogs with comments and social shares, to increase the traffic going to them, then by adding monetisation systems to the blogs, to produce a small income for the owners.

As we all know, once you can start making a small income consistently, you are then on the path to making a larger income either by rinse and repeat actions in another niche or by increasing traffic to the existing blog.

The main idea is to show that before it is worth while generating traffic you need to have something for your visitors to look at.

So commensing with week one on 6th July, all the Quick StartChallenge 3 particpants were instructed to

  1.  Get a domain name and hosting,
  2. Set up a WordPress blog site
  3. Write their first post
  4. Write an ‘About Me’ page
  5. Tell the Facebook mutual support group about it.

Dean has been good enought to set up a series of videos guiding those who have never done this before through all of the steps required, and there are surprisingly few technical questions being asked. The mutual support is working very well and there are more than a few who are more expert on hand to offer assistance and guidance where required.

A fair set of tasks for those who have never done it before but, only 4 days into the Quick Start Challenge, many of the participants have set to with a will and produced everthing required. We’re now in the mutual appreciation zone so that lots of people will be visiting lots of the new blogs, adding comments and also doing social sharing – very important for SEO purposes.

So why am I doing the Quick Start Challenge? After all, I’ve been at this internet marketing lark for a long while, even if I only really started making a serious effort at it since April 2014.

Basically, I want this to prove to myself and my wife that it can be done, that it’s not all spam and hussle and that an income can be made from teaching others the basics and beyond. The stage I’m at at the moment is between $50 to $100 a month – enough to pay for me to be online, but hardly income supplementing or replacing. It may take another 6 months or a year, but I’d like to get to the $100 a day stage between passive income and email marketing. Like many others, I don’t need a massive, life-changing income. Just enough to get a nice retirement fund going and keep me entertained in the meantime.

What will next week’s tutorial video bring to us? We’ll have to wait until Monday 13th to find out.

P.S. At the request of some mebers of The Quick Start Challenge, I have removed 2 preceding posts that included blog lists of challengers. For some reason, they didn’t want the publicity! Mine not to reason why.

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  • I love the proving to the missus it can be done! .. I am in a similar place here, she tolerates my ambition, but doesn’t truly believe it – yet.

    She will enjoy me being able to pay off the mortgage in a few years time .. Then I think I will have convinced her. I agree with you about income goals, a comfortable ‘free’ existence Is the goal here – to spend time with my daughter as she grows up.

    I will watch your progress with interest.
    Ant Carter recently posted…How I Run My WordPress Blog From InstagramMy Profile

    • Hi Ant,

      Thank you for stopping by and being one of my first commenters in a long while. I do hope to be able to make a small extra regular income from internet marketing.

      I think Quick Start Challenge will provide the impetus required for us all.


      Steven Lucas

  • Hi Steven,

    I like the way you put the blog roll in your posts! My name is not there because I had trouble getting it posted. Finally got it to work today! Technical stuff is a challenge but getting better 🙂

    I hope the challenge will move you to the next level in the IM business! Looking forward to seeing your success!

    Barbara Dowling

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thank you for coming by and leaving your good wishes. It is every bloggers dream to get comments and positive ones are even better.

      The challenge will get us going and Dean is a great mentor especially what he has been through. However, I don’t know what is coming next – not beyond the published list anyway. Let’s see what lies ahead.


      Steven Lucas

  • Jeremy on

    Hey Steven

    I’m also a “wife prover” and I know we can all do this. You’ve got a nicely laid out blog here. 🙂

    Even though as you say, this course is for newbie, it’s also for those who’ve been around a while longer chasing shiny objects, to remind us what the core principles of Internet marking are and re-focus us.

    Good luck on your journey

    Jeremy recently posted…The Quick Start ChallengeMy Profile

    • Hi Jeremy,

      It’s good to know that even ‘experienced’ people need a little reminder now and again. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be the one that gets us all started to some degree.

      Good luck to you too sir, and have fun while we’re doing it.


      Steven Lucas

  • Hi Steven, I enjoyed reading your post, the content is great. My wife just agrees with me when I talk internet marketing. I’m hoping when I’m talking to her about IM it’s not like when adults speak on those Charlie Brown cartoons. Best of luck to you.
    Christopher Thompson recently posted…Get Larger Images When Posting On FacebookMy Profile

  • Joe on

    Very nice site, Steven! I see that you have some experience and products. I will return to visit again. Thank you!

    Enjoy the Game!

    Joe recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

    • Hi Joe,

      Good to see you here and I’m glad you like the site. It’s taken a few different themes to find one that does more of what I want, but it’s getting there.


      Steven Lucas

  • Hi Steven,

    I was wondering about listing the blogroll if that was an issue. I was upset with myself for not getting on the blogroll sooner because mine was not showing in your post! Oh well, no one is showing now! I am enjoying the challenge in that it is forcing me to finally take action! Speaking of action, did you change your header…don’t remember the puzzle. I really like the puzzle but it’s a bit hard to read the title and tag line. Can you put it right underneath the puzzle or change the font and/or the transparent background color? Ah, but maybe that’s the way you want it to be…as part of the puzzle that IM can be confusing until you put the pieces together!
    Barbara Dowling recently posted…Video is Done!My Profile

    • Hi Barbara,

      I didn’t think that publishing the blogroll was going to be an issue, but a few people mentioned that they’d prefer it not to be so public so I took it down.

      I’m not 100% satisfied with the header myself, but it’s something for now and I’ll probably replace it once the challenge is out of the way or I’m making enough money to pay someone to do a better job. It’s something I put together myself using GIMP and I’m not artistic so to end up with something usable was a bonus to me.

      Well done on completing your video.


      Steven Lucas

  • Rino on

    Hi Steve,
    You are definetelly going to prove to your wife but more importantly to yourself. You are obviously on a good track already – earning $50-$100 a month is just a goal for me at this stage.
    I see that you have many relevant posts and reviews and I will get back to your page more often. BR, Rino
    Rino recently posted…Quick Start Challenge 2015, Week 2: VIDEOMy Profile

    • Hi Rino,

      Good to see you here and thank you for your positive comments. I’m already convinced I’m going to make it good. My disadvantage is the necessity of finding quiet time to get things done. (grin).


      Steven Lucas

  • Richard on

    Hi Steven … following your comments on my first post I came here. Your blog is already full of useful info for relative beginners like me. Thanks for sharing.
    Richard recently posted…QSC3 Week 2 – The Old Stubborn DonkeyMy Profile

    • Hi Richard,

      Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment. I’m looking forward to seeing what week 3 brings.


      Steven Lucas

  • Hey Steven
    Great post you have mentioned a lot of things that people might forget also, its great to get some kind of income that you can invest in the source if the money maker and make it bigger because if something happened you can still use the small income you get on the other hand there are people that have been online for more than 7 years and didn’t make a dime until now. I wish at the end of this program to be successful and be able to help people to be successful like you right.

    • Hello Ahmed,

      Thank you for taking the time to visit.

      Yes I’ve been online for a long time and I only wish I had put more serious effort in at the start rather than so many years later. That’s one reason why I put up as much as I can that I think will help people, so they don’t have to wait 5, 10 or 15 years for success.

      As you build up your knowledge, just be prepared to help people and everything else will flow.


      Steven Lucas

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