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Scoop.It is one of those sites that you know exist, but you can’t always see how to make it work for you. It is essentially a content curation site which allows anyone to share what others have found. Now at first, this might not sound like it could do anything for you. In fact it sounds more like you are displaying other people’s ideas and products, but you can use this to your advantage.

First of all, content curation is the method of grabbing stories and information from anywhere else and bringing it all into one place – pretty much the same as what a news website would do or the Yahoo front page or BuzzFeed website. The content, in the main, is not re-hosted on the curation site, although a snippet or so obviously would be, and if the reader wants to know more after seeing the snippet, they can follow the link to the original story or article.

Scoop.It Specialist Shirt

Scoop.It allows its members to post this stuff to social media of their choice, within a niche of their choice based on keywords they have chosen. Therefore the curated content will be of interest to them and keeps their engagement level at a high state and helps them to stay interested in what the member has to say. Scoop.It also allows the member to add their own comments to the content, again adding interest for the readership.

Where it gets better is that Scoop.It also allows members to add their own content to their niche selection thus providing more content for others to share as well. This sharing then ensures that your messages get out to places where they might not have been seen before.

For instance, I can write an article for this website and Scoop the URL. This then shows up in other members lists that have similar keywords to my list and lets them have the option of offering something of interest to their readers, but with their own comments. And believe me, it’s easier to write a few words of comments on somebody else’s article than to write one yourself.

At the basic level of Scoop.It membership, you can only select one list of one set of keywords and many of the more advanced techniques like, adding curated comment to your site or WordPress blog, having more than one list are only available when you start taking a paid level of membership and direct linking to your content. However, the free level is great for getting you started and for you to see what is available to you. You can post to 2 social media places for each Scoop that you find and you should try to add 8 to 10 Scoops of your own each day.

As always with this sort of posting, putting value information up is a great way to build trust before putting up affiliate links. It’s a great way to recycle older articles and web posts for new attention as well as providing interesting comment to your social media followers. Scoop.It is one of those great tools that it’s worth learning to use and can improve your web visibility no end.

Here’s a short tutorial on Scoop.It

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